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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Super Structures: Inside the World's most Spectacular Buildings by DK Children

book title: Super Structures: Inside the World's most Spectacular Buildings
book topic: General (mainly for Children General Knowledge)


author/editor: Phil Wilkinson
publisher: DK Children
published on: 2008
language: English
file size: 43.1 mb

ISBN: 0756640881


description: (click read more)

In typical DK visual-oriented style, this book presents many different types of man-made structures, beginning with wonders of the ancient world, and ranging all the way forward to Spaceport America, a commercial space-travel facility that is still in its planning and construction phases, with stops at castles, skyscrapers, bridges, towers, and more along the way. Each type of structure is given a general overview before focusing in on inviting spreads of specific examples, such as Neuschwanstein Castle and Hagia Sophia, former place of worship, now a museum. Each spread has a detailed, two-page illustration of the structure with multiple cutaways (a few are foldouts) and fact-bits peppered across the pages. This is followed by a “Building Blocks” section, which provides more photographs, design illustrations, light blueprints, and interesting trivia related to the highlighted structure. The scattershot design makes it all but impossible to read straight through, but readers with a developing interest in architecture or engineering or simply an appreciation for mankind’s most awesome constructions will find much to pore over here.


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